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5 Best Hair Loss Shampoos that are Proven to Work

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Seeking after and getting the all-time best shampoo for hair loss is always a daunting task. One thing for sure, hair loss can affect anyone irrespective of gender or age.

Since most people handle their hair with a lot of prestige, it is easy to notice at an early stage when you start balding or when your hair starts thinning.

Here is the good news:

There are quite many hair loss shampoos for men and women that are proven to work. While the justification for their efficacy is not based on clinical studies, there are quite some customer reviews that validate their effectiveness.

However, let’s be frank here so that we can help each other.

I’m confident that most expert practitioners on hair loss will agree with me on this. There is no miracle cure for hair loss.

As it is usually the case, hair loss always comes with a certain level of discomfort about oneself and mental strain.

It is these effects that make people susceptible to spurious claims by companies that argue that they can provide the “cure” for your hair loss. Here is the real thing;

Summary of 5 best hair loss shampoos overviewed:

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There are three major parts to hair loss treatment:

  • preventing further loss of hair,
  • growing back your lost hair,
  • curing the underlying condition causing your hair loss.

Currently, there are only two medications that have been researched extensively up to the clinical level, and proven to treat hair loss. These medications are 1 mg oral tablet finasteride and 5% minoxidil.

Despite that, a topical formulation of finasteride is gaining traction lately, as some studies claim it delivers similar results as tablets but with significantly reduced probability for its infamous side effects.

However, this statement does not, in any case, negate the beneficial effects of other medications and shampoos. It’s just that limited clinical studies are supporting the use of shampoos for hair loss.

What should be your objective expectations from a hair loss shampoo?

Based on the claims above, as far as effective treatment is concerned, what should you expect from a hair loss shampoo?

For this, let’s start from the easiest part to the most challenging part.

For certain hair types, it is true that certain shampoos can help in the effective treatment of hair loss.

Hair loss shampoos fall into at least four major categories: Those that increase blood flow, those that block the hormone dihydrotestosterone, that is enriched with caffeine and those that are anti-inflammatory agents.

Based on these mechanisms of action, you should be able to choose a shampoo based on what you want it to do for your hair.

For instance, increasing blood flow to the hair roots supplies nutrients that augment the growth of hair. Anti-inflammatory shampoos such as those based on ketoconazole are very appropriate for hair loss caused by or present with inflammatory processes.

Those that block DHT are helpful in the treatment of male pattern baldness and other cases of alopecia with a genetic predisposition.

Your objectives, as far as hair loss treatment is concerned, should be based on the treatment approach you want for your hair. This will help you decide on the type of hair loss to choose from.

What are the key ingredients in hair loss shampoos?

Based on the mechanisms mentioned above, there are vital ingredients that facilitate the effects that you expect from your shampoo.

Here are some of the most common ingredients that you are likely to notice:

  • Ketoconazole

Ketoconazole is an antifungal, widely used to treat a variety of fungal infections of the skin and nails. It is a common ingredient in most shampoos for hair loss. The most typical form is as a Nizoral shampoo.

Scientific studies have linked ketoconazole to increased growth of hair. The studies also posit that dandruff is among the most common causes of hair loss. Luckily, ketoconazole actively inhibits dandruff.

  • Caffeine

Most people view caffeine majorly as a stimulant with no idea of its effects on hair growth. Studies have shown that caffeine actively stimulates hair follicles.

This stimulatory effect enhances the rapid growth of hair strands from the hair follicles. It also revitalizes worn-out hair follicles and boosts their ability to grow into healthy hair strands.

  • Biotin

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. Being a water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored by the body. This means that you need to eat foods that are rich in biotin to help your organism achieve the benefits of this vitamin.

One of the major functions of biotin in the body is stimulating the growth of hair. It is also a major component of hair and nails. Biotin is one of those ingredients with similar benefits in the treatment of hair loss affecting both men and women.

  • Niacin

Niacin is a famous vitamin B3. Some people also call it nicotinic acid and it is found mostly in eggs, veggies, and grains.

Niacin is good for cell growth and development. Since hair growth takes place under the influence of certain cellular activities, niacin boosts cell health and help your hair to stay healthy.

  • Vitamin B6

Physiologically, vitamin B6 helps in maintaining a state of balance in the production of certain hormones. Hair loss is attributed to disorders in the levels of specific hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Adding this vitamin to hair loss shampoos helps keep your hormone levels in check.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has potent antibacterial effects and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps speed up the healing process in your scalp in case your hair loss is due to an infection or an inflammatory process.

  • Lactic acid

Although the mechanisms are not clear, adding lactic acid to hair loss shampoos activates a natural response that enables your hair to fight off hair loss and hair damage.

  • Keratin

Keratin is a natural component of hair. This ingredient doesn’t have specific effects on preventing hair loss. However, it makes your existing hair to appear fuller and denser. It also helps to restore the structure of damaged and weak hair.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays three major roles in preventing hair loss. Firstly, it is highly recommended for those people with hair infections as well as inflammation. Secondly, it is a potent moisturizer of hair which makes your hair appear healthier. Vitamin E also helps in balancing the PH of your hair and scalp.

5 Best Hair Loss Shampoos for Men and Women Reviewed

Currently, many companies are taking advantage of patients by providing products that only do more harm than good. Scientific studies have not validated most of the hair loss shampoos in the market.

To help you filter through the endless list of beneficial hair loss shampoos, we have carefully researched and selected these five best hair loss shampoos that work. Most of them have ingredients whose mechanisms are backed by scientific studies.

These shampoos not only have quality ingredients; they are also equally beneficial for both men and women.

REVITA® Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

bottles of revita hair growth stimulating shampoo

With most treatments for hair loss, the question is always whether the active ingredients will reach their site of action and cause the desired effect.

To address this concern, REVITA incorporated the nanosome technology in its hair growth stimulating shampoo.

Nanosomes are those molecules that carry the active ingredient of drugs and delivers them to their targeted site of action. However, nanosomes are more stable and denser compared to liposomes.

Through this mechanism, the active ingredients in REVITA ® growth stimulating shampoo are delivered to the hair follicles where they work to prevent further loss of hair. These ingredients also revitalize the appearance of your hair.

Active ingredients

REVITA ® hair growth stimulating shampoo contains ingredients such as:

  • niacin
  • ornithine
  • caffeine
  • copper peptides
  • cysteine
  • taurine
  • biotin
  • emu oil
  • ketoconazole
  • apple polyphenol

On top of that, according to the manufacturer (D.S. Laboratories), it uses Nanosome Delivery System®, which “Encapsulates key active ingredients and delivers them to the skin for a prolonged release and more targeted impact”.


REVITA shampoo for hair loss is recommended for all types of hair loss. Customer reviews suggest that you can use this hair shampoo for treating hair loss in its early stages of occurrence, preventing further loss of hair and maintaining a healthier, fuller, and thicker.

The ingredients mentioned above are not the only ingredients that are added to this product. There are additional ingredients, albeit with little effects.

Nevertheless, these small effects work synergistically to yield an impact more powerful than when the ingredients are used singly. These robust therapeutic benefits have given REVITA® hair growth stimulating shampoo a competitive edge to become one of the best shampoos for hair loss.

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1

two bottles of alpecin caffeine shampoo c1

Most people nowadays swear by Alpecin for the treatment of hair loss because it has proven its usefulness. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a key mediator of male pattern alopecia.

Alpecin works by reducing the levels of DHT reaching the receptors. This is the reason why it is a favorite among people who are suffering from genetically induced alopecia where DHT levels are the cause of hair loss.

It also nourishes those hair follicles and prevents them from getting damaged or falling off. Its chief action is strengthening hair roots of dormant hair follicles thereby preventing your hair from falling out easily.

Active ingredients

The main active ingredient in Alpecin is caffeine. As previously described, it is this caffeine that stimulates and nourishes dormant hair follicles to grow stronger, fuller and healthier hair. The positive effects of caffeine in the treatment of hair loss have improved the relevance of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo in the market.


Alpecin does not directly cause lost hair to regrow. It only nourishes worn-out hair follicles and enables them to grow into strong, healthier, and fuller hair.

For this reason, it is very beneficial for treating hair loss that has been identified in its initial stages. Since it doesn’t make lost hair to regrow, it may not be the best shampoo for those who have lost a lot of hair.

Those whose hair has been affected by dandruff can also achieve beneficial effects with this shampoo. Alpecin based shampoo is recommended for people with bald scalps that are itchy and with a lot of weakened hair.

Regenepure DR Hair & Scalp Treatment Shampoo

regenepure dr ant hair loss shampoo bottle

Regenepure DR Hair & Scalp Treatment Shampoo repairs your worn-out hair strands and protects against further damage of hair. It helps achieve these effects due to the powerful organic ingredients it is enriched with.

Regenepure DR shampoo has been a top-rated shampoo for hair loss since 2012. It is largely made up of ketoconazole; it’s the only ingredient that has been clinically proven for managing hair loss.

Active ingredients

There are several active ingredients in Regenepure Dr. The main ingredient, which also distinguishes it from a few other shampoos, is ketoconazole. It also contains additional ingredients which include:

  • niacin
  • L-Panthenol
  • saw palmetto
  • zinc oxide
  • linolenic acid
  • vitamin-B6
  • caffeine
  • emu oil
  • ketoconazole
  • jojoba oil

These ingredients treat your hair through mechanisms ranging from preventing bacterial infections to nourishing your hair and clearing dandruff.


Regenepures’s shampoo for hair loss is recommended for both men and women. It is free of any additional chemicals neither does it contain any sulfates. Based on customer reviews, this product by Regenepure is a successful treatment agent for hair loss.

Besides ketoconazole which is the main ingredient in this shampoo, other ingredients also help with additional benefits such as treating the infections of the scalp and reducing inflammatory processes in the scalp.

Nizoral A–D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

bottle of nizoral shampoo

The good thing about this product by Nizoral is that it helps prevent dandruff besides improving hair regrowth. according to some studies, it is argued that hair dandruff is a major contributing factor to the unhealthy scalp which may eventually cause hair weakness and hair loss.

The active ingredient in Nizoral shampoo is an anti-fungal medication that has proven pharmacological activity against dandruff and other fungi affecting the hair, and scalp.

Active ingredients

The active ingredient in Nizoral is ketoconazole. Ketoconazole helps protect against dandruff and strengthens your hair strands. It is also an anti-inflammatory and protects against irritation. These processes help prevent your hair from thinning and falling off.

While there are not as many studies about ketoconazole as there are for minoxidil and finasteride, one particular study in 1998 argued that you only need 2% ketoconazole to achieve the same effect as minoxidil spray.


Nizoral shampoo works by three major mechanisms. It prevents hair loss, protects your hair against dandruff, cleanses both your hair and your scalp, and protects against dihydrotestosterone because it blocks androgenic receptors.

Although Nizoral is an anti-irritant, applying too much of it, or using it more often can cause and worsen skin irritation.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best shampoos for controlling hair problems such as scaling, itchiness, and flaking – conditions that are mostly associated with dandruff.

HairMax Density Stimul8 Shampoo

bottle of hairmax stimul8 shampoo

The success of HairMax density stimul8 shampoo is attributed to the revolutionary bioactive proprietary complex called NRG8 – pLEX™.

This complex is a technology which ensures that the ingredients in this hair product are delivered with ease to their site of action. Biologically, it is a targeted liposomal delivery system and works to stimulate, nourish and improve the health of the scalp and hair.

Active ingredients

HairMax Density Stimul8 shampoo contains quite some ingredients which work in unison to help achieve the beneficial effects of this shampoo. Some of the common ingredients in this shampoo include:

  • niacin
  • zinc PCA
  • saw palmetto
  • NRG8-pLEX™ *
  • caffeine
  • procapil
  • Indian gooseberry
  • pomegranate oil
  • ketoconazole
  • apple stem-cell

The effects of this shampoo on your hair are very extensive. From increasing circulation in your scalp to delaying the aging of the scalp and blocking DHT. It is also anti-inflammatory.


This is certainly one of the best shampoos out there for treating hair loss. it has quite many active ingredients, each with its unique mechanism of action. This ensures that you develop a multifocal approach towards the management of your hair loss.

Reishi mushroom in this product is responsible for preventing premature aging of hair. The caffeine increases the circulation in the scalp while the niacin boosts the moisture content of your hair. Saw palmetto is a potent natural blocker of DHT while pomegranate oil heals and repairs the scalp.

How to get the most out of your hair loss shampoo?

There is an adage in healthcare: medication is only as good as you use it. The way you use your hair loss shampoo will determine whether or not it will help with your condition. Usually, the directions on how to use a hair product are given with the description of the product. Ensure that you read and internalize it before you apply any shampoo to your hair.

The overall benefit that you will achieve depends on your ability to select the right shampoo for your hair. If your hair is coarse or kinky, you may want to get a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients. Besides, you may need to experiment with small quantities and observe the effects. You can then embark on active usage if it works for you.

It is also important to rinse your hair before you apply any shampoo. Soak your hair and rinse thoroughly before finally applying your hair shampoo. When applying your hair shampoo, care to use the right amount as directed by the manufacturer.


For as long as human beings have been bothered by hair loss, several companies have come up with claims to fix the problem. As their numbers increase, it is very difficult to know the bearer of the truth as far as the treatment of hair loss is concerned.

Most of the companies are just in the business for the money. To your convenience, we have outlined the top 5 best hair loss shampoos that work. You can decide on the one you feel most comfortable with and start treating your hair.

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