Advertising Policy & Financial Disclosure

Advertising Policy


This Advertising Policy (this “Advert Policy”) is provided by Hairverse (“Hairverse,” “we,” or “us”) to govern how advertisers advertise their products or services (“Adverts”) through our website (the “Site”). This Advert Policy applies to all display Adverts posted on the Site, including in our contents. This Advert Policy is created on Hairverse’s behalf; however, part of this Advert Policy relies on the policies of our Affiliated Advertisement Networks (“Partners”).  

Hairverse reserves the right to review, update, or change this Advert Policy at any time without notice or liability. Any changes shall become effective upon posting it to this Advert Policy. We implore you to review this Advert Policy frequently to be aware of any future changes.

Important Notice

  • All Adverts provided or displayed on the Site must comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations. By posting any Advert on the Site, you represent and warrant that it complies with any and all applicable law. Hairverse will not be obligated to review any Advert for compliance with any applicable law.
  • All Adverts are reviewed for relevance and importance by our editorial team before they are displayed on the Site. Hairverse has the sole discretion to determine what Advert will be approved or rejected, as well as the part of the Site where Adverts will be displayed. We reserve the sole right to cancel, reject, or remove any Adverts from the Site, including if we believe such an Advert violates this Advert Policy, our brand, or any applicable law. However, we will provide a notice on why an Advert was rejected, canceled, or removed, and if there are any solutions.
  • Hairverse does not endorse or approve any product or services advertised in any Adverts displayed on the Site. By clicking on any Advert, you do so at your sole risk and shall bear any loss or damages suffered therefrom.
  • Advertisers retain the copyright and other intellectual property rights in their Adverts; however, by displaying Adverts on the Site, you automatically grant Hairverse an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, and transferable license to display or reproduce the Advert on the Site, including in any medium known to us now or to be later developed.
  • By submitting an Advert on the Site, you represent and warrant that you have the license and rights to such an Advert and any content or material therein.
  • Advertisers hereby agree to defend and hold Hairverse (and Partners) harmless from and against any claims, demands, issues, expenses, damages, and liabilities arising from your Adverts or breach of warranty or any applicable law.
  • All articles that include affiliate links have disclosure notices, placed at the beginning of the main content (article).

General Guidelines

Hairverse strives to display clear and professional Adverts that lead Site users to products, services, and content that are accurate, relevant, useful, and safe. We will not display any Adverts that we believe, at our sole discretion, contain illegal content or objectionable products.

All Adverts must not be fraudulent, deceptive, or contain offensive materials, including, without limitation, any material or content that directly attacks a group, race, sex, religion, country, color, sexual orientation, and other groups.

Prohibited Ads

We do not allow the following Adverts on the Site:

  • Adverts with content related to alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, ammunition (or firearms), pornography, gambling (and online casinos), harmful products, illegal drugs, counterfeit materials;
  • Adverts that are offensive or contain inappropriate content that incites hatred, discrimination, or violence;
  • Adverts that solicit (directly or indirectly) personal information or data from Site users without their knowledge or consent;
  • Adverts that infringe on the copyright or other intellectual property rights of a third party;
  • Adverts that contain products or services that are directed to children (people under 18 years of age); or
  • Adverts that contain software or links (such as worms, trojan horses, bugs, etc.) that are harmful to the Site or any portion thereof.


If you believe any Advert on the Site goes against this Advert Policy, please do not hesitate to send us a message at

Financial Disclosure and its activity are financed with financial resources generated through a different mechanism of advertising:

  • Display ads. Advertisements, whether manually placed or placed by affiliated Advertisements Networks, usually in the form of rectangular graphic banners, are placed on the top, bottom, sides, or inside the main content (article). All such banners are differentiated with a frame of “Ad” or “Advertisement” label to distinguish it from the main content.
  • Affiliate links. Articles that have particular featured products or services may contain affiliate links. That means if the reader using such links purchase goods or services, we receive a particular percentage from the referred purchase.
  • is further financed with the personal funds of the owners. operates as a sole proprietorship, not as a legal entity. is a publisher at the following networks:

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