Our Editorial Promise

We put our readers’ welfare at the very core of what we do. As trust is a two-way street, we’d like to share how we strive to give you scientifically sound articles that will help you through your hair care journey.

A plethora of hair care information is widely available online. However, not every site may give you well-researched and well-meaning articles that usher you into making informed decisions.

Hairverse is dedicated to being your main source of carefully-constructed articles that are founded on medically-proven methods. Not only do we consistently produce evidence-based articles, but we also cater to a wide range of audiences. Through our simple and concise writing style, we’ll continue to bring you hair care awareness that’s clear, practical, and relevant.

This attention to detail extends to our promise of holistic hair care education. We acknowledge that our hair is one of the major indicators of our overall health and one of the factors that affect our emotional well-being. It is the source of our confidence and the “crown” of our physical identity. Because of this, we pay great attention to hair care and construct our topics to touch on all aspects of health relating to your hair.

Our Team of Knowledgeable Writers

Our forward-thinking authors are well-established healthcare-related specialists, most of whom hold major degrees in medicine, surgery, clinical informatics, psychology, etc., and have spent years in sharing their exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise through practical information and resources for the public.

All content created by Hairverse has undergone in-depth research and several rounds of fact-checking by our team of expert writers. Each Hairverse author holds extensive knowledge and reputation in the medical field with a particular focus on dermatology and hair loss treatment.

Medically-reviewed Articles

Our articles go through a stringent verification process. Most of them do not get published without being medically reviewed by our highly-qualified consultant, boasting of degrees in trichology and dermatology, among others.

Evidence-based Articles

We make sure that our claims are substantiated by scientific evidence from prominent journals, which are usually peer-reviewed scientific articles published by PubMed. At the end of each of our articles, we make sure to cite our sources so you don’t need to do further research.

Updated Information

As we ensure that we provide you with the latest medical research regarding hair care, we also revisit past articles and update them now and then. We believe that it is our responsibility to present you with current medical findings no matter where you click on the Hairverse site.

No Biases

In our quest to give you truly helpful information, we write as objectively as possible and do away with biased content. Any service or product that we may feature on Hairverse is guaranteed to be of sound judgement.

The Hairverse Voice

Both men and women are well-represented by the Hairverse team. Our team writes with your well-being in mind and considers their audience in every article. Our writing voice, therefore, is simple and easily understood by people of different backgrounds.

The Hairverse Values

Your health is at the very heart of what we say, how we write, and who we write for. We hold fast to the values of truthfulness, excellence, and consistency in everything we do.

Hairverse is dedicated to continuing to serve you with utmost sincerity and excellence through our research-based hair care articles. By doing so, we can help you build a healthy lifestyle and regain your confidence.