6 Best Hair Fibers to Effortlessly Conceal Your Hair Loss

Bonnke Arunga, MBBS

By    – Updated on July 13, 2020

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A few years ago, hair loss was less documented than it is today. This is the reason why most people associate hair loss with old age.

But in this dynamic world, things change fast. It is not uncommon to notice that hair loss is becoming more prevalent among young people.

In early January of 2018, a study that was done in China revealed that young people who are currently in their 20s are losing hair sooner and at a faster rate than all the generations before.

In the study that involved 4000 students, 60 percent of the study participants reported that they were losing hair in significant amounts.

The data will surprise you. While 25 percent reported that they didn’t notice hair loss until someone close to them informed them about their predicament, up to 40 percent said that they knew that their hairline was receding.

But what does this have to do with you?

Studies have shown that people experiencing hair loss have often had a reduced quality of life. It is not their liking, but hair loss may present with tremendous loss of self-esteem, marked loss of self-confidence, and a heightened level of self-consciousness.

These social problems have been found to resolve on their own when proper treatment of hair loss is initiated. However, these are treatment options that might or might not give you the desired results.

For this reason, we have selected one of the best instant solutions for hair loss – hair fibers – to restore the good feel, bulk, and fullness of hair that you previously enjoyed.

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are products that are specifically meant for those people who are suffering from hair loss.

They are powders or sprays that you apply directly onto your scalp, especially in areas with bald spots.

The material used to make these concealers and fibers resemble the biological components that make up your hair.

Once you apply them to your hair, they stick to the natural hair in your head and cover the bald spot that had manifested in your head.

This act of covering the bald spots is what gives them their name, concealers. Hair concealers increase the volume of your hair and bulk it up by adding to it fibers that are characteristically colored to match your hair.

Previously, people thought that these concealers work only for men. But that line of thought is wrong. Most of these products are made with women’s hair in mind, and they work for women as effectively as they work for men.

How to choose hair fibers that are right for you?

hair fibers set

Let’s face it: hair loss is not one of those problems you want to gamble with. Most people wish not just the best hair concealer, but also a concealer that works.

But since a human being is different in more levels than one, the concealer that is right for one person may not be the right choice for another person.

Similarly, a concealer that may seem not to work for you may be a dream-come-true for someone else with the same problems as yours.

So, what factors must you consider to ensure that you choose a hair concealer that is the perfect match for you?

•    Ensure that the fibers are the same color as your hair

You don’t want to look weird. Although this is common sense, it is worth being on top of this list.

The truth is that you are already embarrassed about the current state of your hair. It will be best to avoid strange colors in your head, which will precipitate more embarrassment.

•    Choose fibers that are easy to apply

Time is money. The more time you save, the better you are at meeting your daily goals. Like most people, you don’t want to spend time more than what is normal, especially when you are applying hair fibers.

•    Fibers that work on a variety of hair types are the best

There are different types of hairs out of her. Some are straight while others are curly. The length and color also vary considerably. Certain concealers are made to work for almost any type of hair.

•    Go for fibers that are resistant to environmental factors

Nothing is as depressing as applying your favorite concealer, only for it to backfire on you under the influence of heat, water, and humidity.

You should consider those fibers whose integrity is unshaken even when you take a dive into the swimming pool or lay down on the beach to bask in the sun.

•    Consider the possibility of skin reaction and choose fibers that are skin-friendly

Hypersensitivity reactions do not occur to everyone, save for the few who are immunologically susceptible.

If you have a medical history of hypersensitivity or if you are suffering from autoimmune conditions, then you should carefully choose your hair fiber to avoid hypersensitivity.

Skin reactions can also be due to irritation by harsh chemicals. Only purchase fibers that are proven to be friendly to the skin.

What are the primary materials used to make hair fibers?

There are quite many materials that are used to make hair fibers. They can be broadly categorized as natural fibers and artificial fibers.

•    Natural fibers from human hair

Natural fibers are those made from natural human hair. Although they are relatively expensive, they are less likely to cause unprecedented skin reactions. They are safe for use in most hair types and provide successful results.

•    Keratin-based fibers

Most concealers are made of keratin. Keratin is a fiber that is the natural building block of the hair follicle. When used to make hair concealers, it effectively covers thinned-out patches and bald spots in the head.

•    Cotton-based fibers

Recently, there has been an increase in the use of cotton to make hair concealers. Cotton is good for giving your hair a look of fullness. The only downside of cotton-based fibers is that they don’t stick to the hair as good as natural human hair fibers or keratin-based fibers.

•    Wool-based fibers

As strange as it sounds, you are very likely to find wool based fibers in most top brands of hair concealers. However, the biological molecules of animals differ in structure with those of humans. As a result, these are the fibers that are most likely to elicit immune reactions, allergies, and skin irritations.

How to use hair fibers in the right way

using hair loss fiber on hair

If you want to achieve maximum benefits with your hair concealer, here are some of the tips to follow when applying our hair concealer:

•    Only apply hair fibers to dry hair

This tip is crucial because it enhances the mechanism of hair concealers. These hair concealer fibers work using static electricity to help them adhere to your hair. Static electricity is sufficient in hair that is completely dry. Do not apply fibers to wet hair lest they become lumpy and ineffective.

•    Ensure fibers adhere to the existing hairs

As mentioned previously, hair fibers adhere to the influence of static electricity generated by the existing hairs on your head. As a result, there is no use applying the fibers directly onto your scalp. Apply it lightly to adhere to the remaining hair.

•    Use the right amount of fiber

In the end, what you want is a natural look. This can only be achieved if you ration the amount of fiber you apply to your hair. Do not overdo it lest your hair starts looking unnatural. It is good practice to apply fibers in layers. Use small amounts and add some more subsequently in layers until you achieve the look that you desire.

•    Rely on a hair fiber applicator

This is an accessory tool, though it is very helpful in ensuring that you apply your hair fiber evenly. The device can be attached to the bottle containing hair fibers. Its major advantages are that it allows a more precise application and ensures uniform dispersion of the fibers.

•    Add security using fiber hold spray

Although hair fibers will stick to your hair well enough, you can secure this attachment using fiber hold spray. The fine mist is specific for enhancing adhesion in fibers that are made of keratin.

6 Best Hair Fibers Reviewed

This section provides a brief description of hair fibers that are safe, and have been proven to yield the desired results. However, deciding on the best concealer is a personal decision based on several trial and error processes. The statistics may only provide you with information about the product that has worked for most people.

INFINITY Hair Fibers

3 bottles of infinity hair loss fibers

There is a reason why INFINITY hair fibers top our list. And it is the obvious reason: there are very few hair concealers that can rival it in effectiveness.

Another feature that distinguishes it from most concealers is that it can be used to manage bald spots. Most other concealers only work well in thinned out hair and not in bald hair.

The fibers are effective for both men and women and are very easy to apply. There are no additional tweaks. You shake the bottle and apply the fibers on your bald spots.

Tips for using INFINITY hair fibers

Infinity hair fibers work well even when applied once daily. When applied correctly, no one will notice that you used a hair concealer under normal lighting.

To apply this product, shake the bottle and apply the fibers on the damaged areas of your hair. The standard amount at purchase is about 25 grams, which will allow you about 40 to 80 once-daily applications – depending on the severity of your hair loss.

INFINITY hair loss fibers are manufactured in 10 different colors. You can select the color that matches your hair so that your hair may not stand out publicly for wrong reasons, lest your peers laugh at you the more.

Toppik Hair Building Fibers

bottle of toppik hair building fibers

If you are always looking to treat your hair loss, then Toppik should not be a new term for you.

Toppik ranks among the largest producers of hair loss products for both men and women. Their reputation for manufacturing genuine products is what makes customers trust the Toppik Hair Building Fibers for hair loss.

The appearance you get from using this product is excellent. It is also resistant to environmental factors such as and rain. However, it is one of those hair concealers that you can wash off easily with shampoo.

The fibers are keratin-based and are associated with impressive outcomes. The company is also reputable and will refund you for the product within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the results.

Tips for using Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Although Toppik insists that their product is water-resistant, you should not dare get comfortable walking through extreme weather reminiscent of a hurricane even when you are late for an appointment, because the chances are that your fibers won’t hold for long.

Don’t over-apply the product. Use it judiciously, and you will have hair that looks fuller and bulkier.

There are about nine different colors of Toppik hair-building fibers. Get the color shade that blends well with your hair and gives you that natural look.

DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer

dermmatch hair loss concealer

If you are looking to purchase those hair concealers that are waterproof, then DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer is your go-to product. Unlike several other sprays and powders, this hair loss concealer is very stable and doesn’t wear off even in extreme exposure to moisture.

This product is a perfect concealer of thinned or bald spots in your hair because it blends well with your remaining hair. According to reports by individuals who have used it, the applied product is almost entirely undetected in normal lighting when applied correctly.

Besides, DermMatch is also formulated with additional emollients which enhance moisturization, smoothening, and softening of the skin.

Tips for using DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer

Since DermMatch is applied directly to the scalp, you should avoid heavily styling your hair. However, you apply a light spray that won’t get into contact with the scalp.

It is worth noting that DermMatch is designed for thinned-out hair. It may not yield better results with bald spots with complete hair loss.

Moreover, you should allow for ten minutes after application for the DermMatch concealer to dry before putting on your shirt. The friction may prematurely distort the concealer before it fully adheres.

There are a variety of color shades available for this product. Select the color that resembles your hair to give you excellent outcomes.

TopSecret Hair Thickening Fibers

bottle of topsecret hair thickening fibers

If you want instant thick and full hair, this is the go-to product for you. The fibers are a fine mist and are not messy. The microfibers are made of keratin and are both safe and effective. You can purchase a 7 g travel size that fits in a pocket or a 27.5 g new economy size that will last you twice as long.

Tips for using TopSecret Hair Thickening Fibers

TopSecret hair thickening fibers are designed for both men and women. Once it is applied, it stays in your hair until you manually wash it off.

This brand is formulated in 9 different color shades. This makes it easy to select the color that will match the natural appearance of your hair.

Caboki Hair Fibers

bottle of caboki hair fibers

The perfect test of a good concealer is its ability to mask balding and thinning out of hair while giving your scalp a much-desired natural look.

One such concealer is Caboki hair fibers. When you use these products, it will appear like you never had hair loss in the first place.

The fibers in Caboki are not only effective, but they also bond seamlessly with your hair follicles and can withstand wet and windy environments.

Caboki hair fibers are effective concealers for both males and females and are used mostly for increasing the bulk of thinning hair.

Tips for using Caboki Hair Fibers

Caboki hair fibers work for any hair. But like any other concealer, they do not regrow hair. Instead, they occupy the spaces between the hair strands and give them a fuller and bulkier look.

Impressive results have been reported by customers who use this product in the early stages of their hair loss. It is the go-to product for those whose hairlines have receded mildly as well as those with light thinning.

It is best applied on dry hair and can be spread evenly by hand once it has been applied in the hair.

Do not settle for a color that is not reminiscent of the natural color of your hair. If you aren’t sure about your hair color, inquire from a hair expert or hairstylist.

HairMax Hair Fibers

bottle of hairmax hair fibers

HairMax hair fibers are designed for both men and women. The product is relatively resistant to humidity, wind, and rain. However, you should not push the safety of your hair too far by treading through harsh weather.

Tips for using HairMax Hair Fibers

HairMax hair fibers should be applied to dry hair. Shake the bottle well before applying then pat the fibers gently onto your hair in layers until you achieve the thickness you desire.

The color of choice is the shade that blends well with the natural color of your hair.

Bottom line

Most people with hair loss can give up anything so that they can restore their natural looks. Entrepreneurs on hair products have taken advantage of this human behavior and have created various products to manage hair loss.

While we may not be sure about the effectiveness of some products for hair loss, one thing is sure: hair concealers/fibers are among the best treatments for hair loss.

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